Walking and running is easily anyone’s favourite form of exercise. It is not expensive, it is easy to do, and it is proven to be highly effective in either as a cardio or toning workout. The emergence of smartwatches and pedometers (step counters) can also be explained by the hype of the walking culture. People live for that buzz from their Fitbits saying that they have reached their goal step count for the day. Walking is widely beloved because not everyone can afford to or has the time to even have an active lifestyle. Thus, people have equated activeness to the number of steps taken per day. It is suggested that to prevent your lifestyle from becoming sedentary, ten thousand steps a day should be done. While this might seem easy for some to do, some of us barely cash in half of this just by doing our daily routine. The thing with step goals is that you are obliged to find a point A leading to point B to help you fulfil that number of steps. This could be achieved if you walk to work or to school, but chances are, you take means of transportation to these places. This is when treadmills come into play. They help you achieve your goals plus more added benefits.

Treadmills combine the benefits of walking and running with the convenience of being home. Now you do not have any more excuses on why you did not work out just because it was raining or freezing outside. They have been such a big trend that innovations such as the treadmill desk where instead of sitting down when you are at work all day, you are actually raking in the steps while simultaneously doing your day-to-day routine.

Its low impact and effortless nature make it the favourite equipment of people who love to multitask. It is so easy to use the treadmill while listening to music, watching TV, or even reading a book. This is one of the reasons why a lot of the treadmills nowadays have integrated phone/book holders, speakers, and even video displays.

They are also amazing equipment for cardio exercise. Regular cardio exercises make sure that the respiratory and the cardiovascular systems are in great shape. Making sure that your lungs and heart are in shape reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, asthma attacks, and strokes. Plus, it is not as intimidating to use as other cardio equipment because you are in complete control of the intensity of your workout. Whether you want a walk, brisk walk, run, or complete sprint – the treadmill would have that program, you can browse an excellent range of treadmills online at Just Fitness. Another benefit of treadmills is that it tones down your legs without putting that much strain to it – unlike let’s say squatting or weight lifting.

Most treadmills right now too are very space friendly. Unlike other workout equipment, treadmills have always been so easy to store and keep. They are still bulky, but its ease to convert to save space makes it the equipment of choice of people with limited house areas. There is also the option of treadmill hires which makes it cost effective especially if you are eyeing a more advanced equipment. There are options ranging from compact ones for light use to a more a more heavy duty one that can reach speeds of up to 18kmh.