Interior Decorating & Design

Are you are a decorating enthusiast who loves messing around with designs on a computer? Well, a great starting point for you would be sketching your ideas using interior decorating software. It is very simple to do it by yourself or you can simply hire a professional if the nuts prove to be too tough to crack.

Fortunate enough there are a number of interior decorating applications that are freely available online. Some of these programs are web based while others must be downloaded and installed before using them. Some of the best free design software programs are discussed by Jane Gorman Interior Decorator below.

Space Designer

This software is used for planning layouts of rooms or the whole home on their website. The good thing about it is its ease of use, fun and ability to design in either 2D or 3D. In addition, this software requires no downloading and you only need to drag and drop directly on their website.


HomeStyler is a web-based design application that is freely supplied and it’s very easy to use. Like the space designer, this software does not require users to download. This software enables users to design a room, windows and doors. This application can also be used in experimenting the design by inserting items in the room and then later convert this design to 3D.

Planner 5D

Design_SketchjpgThis free software lets users create designs and convert them into 3D colored display so that they can get the best idea of the room’s potential look. This web-based platform also lets users fit in furniture and other kinds of products and features like doors, partitions, stairs and windows among others. Furthermore, this free software also enables users to design home exteriors, pools, and do landscaping. Combining all these, you easily come up with your own customized home from floor to roof.


This is a free room planning software and it requires users to download and install before use. Real products and other furniture pieces can be inserted in the plan and later convert it to 3D graphic. Visit the company’s website and download the application to your PC, install and get started.

Small Blue Printer

A Web-based free software, this application enables users to plan floors and homes in addition to providing garden and landscaping options. Simply visit the application’s website and you’ll be good to go.

Paint Color Visualizer

This interior design application program from Olympic Paints helps users with choosing of the right colors to paint in their rooms. It’s simple to use since it’s web-based and only requires users to upload an image of the room they wish to paint. You can add colors of your choice to the image and determine how the room looks. All users need to do is visit the Olympic website and start creating their designs.

3D Room Planner

This software program by mydeco is also web-based and it is very effective in planning of rooms. The program does not require users to download it and it’s very convenient and easy to use.