The importance of screening all employees for physical and mental health can’t be overlooked. There have been times when not screening all newly appointed employees has raised a great many problems. The most common complaint has been that these people should not have been placed in certain positions at all.


A common example would be hiring people for strenuous work. The first impression which most people give is of good health. If there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the way a person looks, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in the best of health. A local company had to face a lawsuit when a newly appointed employee complained of back problems as a result of stacking heavy loads.

What the employers didn’t know was that person already suffered from a few back problems and these were further aggravated because he had to carry the heavy loads.

The lesson to be learned here for all employers is to get a pre employment medical examination for all candidates who they might want to hire.

The following are a few advantages of getting a pre employment medical examination done.

  • Help screen candidates who are high risk. This way you can be assured that you hire individuals who won’t present any problems like taking days off.
  • To assess whether a candidate is physically fit to perform a job or not.
  • Be able to come up with data regarding past illnesses.

Kind of Pre employment Medical Tests

stethoscopeThe following are some pointers to consider when carrying out a pre employment medical test:

  • A complete physical fitness examination which is carried out by physiotherapists.
  • Auditory and visual examinations to rule out hearing and sight related problems.
  • Screening for drug use
  • Pathological tests
  • ECG’s

The Process for Medical Checks

All employees going through the pre employment medical checks would go through the following process

  • A detailed medical history which involves inquiries about past health problems would be conducted.
  • Employees have to answer questions regarding allergies to certain chemicals
  • A routine urine analysis to screen for any drug or substance abuse
  • Blood pressure and weight checks.
  • A detailed physical examination is carried out as well
  • The doctors then prepare a complete report in which all the details are mentioned regarding an employee’s physical fitness
  • The report is submitted in about 24 hours unless there is a need for further testing.

Specialized Medical Testing

Since each company has a different kind of work ethic there are specific testing techniques which can help screen out high risk candidates

  • Auditory tests.
  • Spriometry tests to rule out lung problems.
  • ECG’s

Choosing the Right Medical Assessment Company

For those employers who are looking for a reliable medical assessment for their employees are doing a great job. The following are a few reasons why hiring them is a great idea

  • All requested tests are completed within a specific time period.
  • The paper work is in order
  • All results are emailed or faxed at their earliest
  • You are provided with complete details and past medical history as well