When you are looking for a reliable tree care professional, you need to consider certain factors. If you don’t consider most of the factors, or if you are not convinced on them, you may end up regretting the actions you took. There are many arborists out there, but take time to scrutinize them, so that you will get the one that will suit your needs. Arborist is someone that is vast in the science of arboriculture, like this tree removal Melbourne company. We shall explain more in the later part of this discourse.

Below are some of the things you should know before choosing an arborist:

Certification, Registration and Licensure

certified-arboristIn the first, you should ask if the arborist has the necessary certifications either American society of consulting arborist’s designation or ISA Certification. To be certified, the person is expected to pass a compulsory examination. To be certified implies that the person should be up-to-date with the current arboricultural technology, and are vast in all their rules and acceptable norms.

Check your state’s licensing for tree care companies, and ensures that the companies you are applying complies with the rules and regulations.

Professional Affiliation

Ensure that the company is accredited. One of the ways to know an accredited company is that it must be a member of many professional organizations such as the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA), the International Society of Arboriculture and a host of other professional arborist organizations. Affiliations with these reputable organizations show that they are ever committed to do the right thing at all times.


Always peruse through your local directory to see arborists that present themselves as ASCA registered consulting arborists, ISA certified arborists, and NHAA certified Arborists. A credible company must display evidence of their professional membership. Many credible tree care firms do not go from one place to another soliciting for businesses, so don’t waste your time listening to those that show at your doorstep, wishing to take prune or take care of your trees; many of them are highly unreliable and unprofessional.


Check if the arborist is insured, you can do this by asking for proof of insurance and then verifying its authenticity by inquiring from the insurance company. Every reputable arborist has insurance coverage for worker’s compensation, personal and property damage. If you contract an unprofessional or uninsured tree expert, you will be responsible for any injuries or damage that occurred during their work.


References from previous customers will help you to know more about the arborist. You can get these tips by reading some of their customer reviews online or even visit areas they have worked or currently working.


Ensure you ask for an estimate. Don’t be shy on this, it would be better if you can get estimates from different companies. Don’t always settle for the lowest bid. While going through their bids,  take time to look at their credentials, specifications and credibility- this will help you to know the company that has the professionalism and skills to protect your investment.

Most arborists will like to enter into a contractual agreement with the customer. Don’t be afraid to review the contract, and make sure you are 100% certified with all the terms before signing. Suspend actions if you are confused and ask questions. If you are interested in tree stump removal check here for more about this service