Red Espresso Machine

Buying a new espresso machine can be hectic, because there are different brands, types, and price ranges. The problem lies in knowing the correct machine that suits your needs, as well as the machine that produces good coffee.

One of the aims of this article is to assist the average coffee lover to appreciate espresso machine, and also understand the different types of coffee machines.

Types of Coffee Machines

As we noted earlier, there are different species of coffee machines available in the internet, and in offline stores such as coffee pod machines, super-automatic coffee machines, and automatic / semi-automatic espresso machines.

Let us explain them each of them briefly:

 Coffee pod machines

This involves inserting a capsule inside a machine that contains grind or pre-prepared coffee shots. Relatively, they are not expensive, and they have a low quality and taste better than manual espresso or semi-automatic espresso machine.

However, their hassle free component and simple design has not only revolutionised the coffee industry, but has also brought it to the home of the masses. Some of them can be purchased as low as $100.

Super-Automatic Coffee Machines

This type of coffee machines has so many advantages, and is more mechanized than coffee pod machines. All you need to do is just to press one button, and it is done. It does almost the whole job within few minutes. Its jobs include steaming the milk, grinding the coffee, pulling the espresso, as well as making the drink.

Your job here is to supply the cup when necessary. Though some of them do this too. Super- automatic coffee machines are prominent in many offices and some wealthy homes. They are easy to maintain. In fact, this is the right fit if you are looking for a hassle free solution.

Automatic Espresso Machines

Usually, people go for this coffee machine when they are looking for a serious espresso machine. Automatic espresso machine is similar to super-automatic coffee machines, but the major difference is that the former gives you the privilege of controlling the pump, while the latter does not.

It is good to control the pump, because it allows you to switch off the flow of water any time any day. You will have a superior taste, if you are able to turn off the water.

It has some amazing features, and this influences the price. It includes:

  • Single boiler, dual use machines
  • Single boiler, heat exchange machines, and
  • Dual boiler machines.

What Else To Look For?

Quality of the product:

If you want to buy a new espresso machine, try to check its components. Usually, the price of the machine is determined by its components. If it has quality materials, it is definitely going to affect its price. Any machine that has good materials will last longer, and produce better coffee as well.


When you are buying a new espresso machine, make sure it has all the essential features you really need. Each of the available machines has their own amazing features, but try to consider your needs first before buying.